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Résistance: Warp30 1999-2009

Diffusé vendredi 15 novembre 2019 sur La Face B

-“Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin (taken from “Windowlicker”)
-“Keeping Pigs Together” by Red Snapper (taken from “Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper”)
-“Solo Strike” by Two Lone Swordsmen (taken from “Tiny Reminders”)
-“Skin with me” by Mira Calix (taken from “One on One”)
-“Living Life (Feat. Rec Center)” by Prefuse 73 (taken from “Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives”)
-“Daddy’s Car” by Jamie Lidell (taken from “Muddlin Gear”)
-“A Laugh With Hills” by Chris Clark (taken from “Clarence Park”)
-“Scatter Fold 28” by Richard Devine (taken from “Lipswitch”)
-“Brothomstates Ipxen” by Brothomstates (taken from “Claro”)
-“My Red Hot Car (Girl)” by Squarepusher (taken from ‘My Red Hot Car”)
-“Monica” by Tortoise (taken from “Standards”)
-“Honey Bunny” by Vincent Gallo (taken from “When”)
-“Sunshine Recorder” By Boards of Canada (taken from “Geogaddi”)
-“Ghostlawns” by Antipop Consortium (taken from “Arrhythmia”)
-“Gantz_graf” by Autechre (taken from “Gantz_graf”)
-“Pendulum” by Broadcast (taken from “Haha Sound”)
-“I Love Acid” by Luke Vibert (taken from “Synthax / I Love Acid”)
-“Raping Silence” by Beans (taken from “Tomorrow Right Now”)
-“Holiday As Brutality” by Clark (taken from “Empty The Bones Of You”)
-“Working Sister” by Denis Rusnak (taken from “Working Sister”)
-“Freak” by LFO (taken from “Freak”)
-“Marry” by Plaid (taken from “Spokes”)
-“Friscobeat” by REQ (taken from “Car Paint Scheme”)
-“Hard Dragon” by Team Shadetek (taken from “Burnerism”)
-“Pardon My Freedom” by !!! (taken from “Louden Up Now”)
-“Lacon” by Milanese (taken from “1 Up”)
-“Venus No.17 (Acid Mix)” by Squarepusher (taken from “Venus No.17”)
-“The City” by Jamie Lidell (taken from “Multiply”)
-“Black Cat” by Broadcast (taken from “Tender Buttons”)
-“Lullabye” by Grizzly Bear (taken from “Yellow House”)
-“Atlas” by Battles (taken from “Mirrored”)
-“Heart of Hearts” by !!! (taken from “Myth Takes”)
-“Tea Leaf Dancers (Ft. Andreya Triana)” by Flying Lotus (taken from “Reset”)
-“Dirtbox” by Harmonic 313 (taken from “Dirtbox”)
-“Jealous of Roses” by Bibio (taken from “Ambivalence Avenue”)
-“Let’s Get Clinical (Clark Remix)” by Maxïmo Park (taken from “Twelve”)
-“Overnight” by Hudson Mohawke (taken from “Polyfolk Dance”)
-“Pay Tomorrow” by Tim Exile (taken from “Listening Tree”)

Résistance: Warp30 1999-2009

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