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Résistance: Warp30 1989-1999

Diffusé vendredi 18 octobre 2019 sur La Face B


-“Track With No Name” by Forgemasters (taken from “Track With No Name”)
-“Tricky Disco” by Tricky Disco (taken from “Tricky Disco
-“LFO (Remix)” by LFO (taken from “LFO Remix”)
-“Testone” by Sweet Exorcist (taken from “Testone”)
-“Nights Interlude” by Nightmares On Wax (taken from “A Word Of Science”)
-“Crystel” by Autechre (taken from “Artificial Intelligence”)
-“Quoth” by Polygon Window (taken from “Surfing On Sine Waves”)
-“Hall Of Mirrors” by B12 (taken from “Electro-Soma”)
-“Merck” by Balil (taken from “Bytes”)
-“Slac” by FUSE (taken from “Dimension Intrusion”)
-“De-Orbit” by Speedy J (taken from “Ginger”)
-“Cabasa Cabasa” by WildPlanet™ (taken from “Blueprint”)
-“On” by Aphex Twin (taken from “On”)
-“Summer rain (zigzag jazz mix)” by Coco Steel and Lovebomb (taken from “Summer Rain”)
-“Basscadet” by Autechre (taken from “Incunabula”)
-“GAK 1” by GAK (taken from “GAK”)
-“Starethrough” by Seefeel (taken from “Starethrough EP”)
-“Bubble And Slide (Nightmares On Wax Mix)” by The Sabres of Paradise (taken from “Versus”)
-“Humba” by Mira Calix (taken from “Ilanga”)
-“SmokeHead” by Disjecta (taken from “Clean Pit & Lid”)
-“Space Sickness” by Red Snapper (taken from “Prince Blimey”)
-“Tied Up” by LFO (taken from “Advance”)
-“Second Bad Vilbel” by Autechre (taken from “Anvil Vapre”)
-“Children Talking” by AFX (taken from “Hangable Auto Bulb”)
-“A Journey To Reedham (7am Mix)” by Squarepusher (taken from “Big Loada”)
-“Vic Acid [Hard And Normal Mix]” by Squarepusher (taken from “Vic Acid”)
-“Dickie’s Magick Poppers” by Rubber Johnny (taken from “Jamrolypoly”)
-“Come to Daddy (Pappy mix)” by Aphex Twin (taken from “Come to Daddy”)
-“Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid” by Squarepusher/AFX (taken from “WAP100: We Are Reasonable People”)
-“Lilith (feat. Björk)” by Plaid (taken from “Not for Threes”)
-“Roygbiv” by Boards of Canada (taken from “Music Has The Right To Children”)
-“My Sound” by Squarepusher (taken from “Music Is Rotted One Note”)
-“Image of You” by Red Snapper (taken from “Making Bones”)

Résistance: Warp30 1989-1999

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