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Résistance: Richard Devine

Diffusé tous les samedi de midi à 14h sur La Face B


-Richard Devine: Untitled 3 (from “Richard Coleman Devine” EP)
-Richard Devine: Untitled (from “Ischemic Folks” Compilation)
-Aphex Twin: Come to Daddy (Richard Devine Remix) (from “Warp10+3 Remixes” compilation)
-Richard Devine: Anthracite. T. Vari (from “Lily of the Valley” compilation)
-Slicker: Delarosa+Devine (from “Slicker:Remixes” LP)
-Richard Devine: Kepter (from “Lipswitch” EP)
-Richard Devine: Model (from “Aleamapper” LP)
-Richard Devine: Mov Macros 7 (from “Magic Bus Tracks” compilation)
-Richard Devine: Floccus (from “Asect-Dsect” LP)
-Kero: 26Th Birthday (Richard Devine Remix Of Kero’s 26th Bday And Bent) (from “Detroit Underground 04” compilation)
-Richard Devine: Arc-Acid (from “Cautella” LP)
-Otto Von Schirach: Earjuices Synthesis / Lactate (Lordoses Remix by Richard Devine) (from “Armpit Buffet” LP)
-Richard Devine: Bis126 (from “Detroit Underground 01” compilation)
-Richard Devine: 808303 (from “Autonomous Addicts” compilation)
-Funkstörung: Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine Remix) (from “Detroit Underground 09” compilation)
-Richard Devine: Plonked Spectral (from “RISP” LP)
-Richard Devine: Varseop (from “RISP” LP)
-Annie Hall: Bandit 28938 (Richard Devine Remix) (from “Random Paraphilia” EP)
-Richard Devine: Trig-Math Beats (from “Friendly Integration V2” compilation)
-Richard Devine: Brux (from “Sort/Lave” LP)

Résistance: Richard Devine

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